Swing Batter Batter
Step up to home plate and hit a Grand Slam in one of our 3 different speed indoor batting cages!

Experience the Northland’s only commercial batting cage facility utilizing the ATEC system just like the major leagues. Hone your skills to prepare for the season, or just come hit a few balls in our open area hitting space – no tunnel cages! See where your ball travels!

Three batting cages, each featuring a baseball and softball pitching machine. Ball speeds set for both the active competitor or novice player – fun for all!

1 Play $1.75 
3 Plays $5.00
20 Plays $25.00


  • Must be 48″ tall
  • Bat at your own risk
  • Helmets must be worn at all times in the cage – no exceptions!
  • One person per cage at a time
  • No bat swinging outside of cage
  • No switch hitting during game
  • Shoes must be worn at all times
  • Do not stand on home plate
  • No food or beverage allowed in cage
  • No person allowed to play while under the influence of alcohol or drugs

Plus Tax. Must meet age and height requirements.

Rules Of Play

  • Have fun and respect others’ rights to have fun as well.
  • Children under 12 must have adult supervision on site.
  • Participants must meet height and age requirements.
  • Socks must be worn in Kid’s Cove area.
  • No running.
  • No foul language.
  • Abuse of equipment will be grounds for immediate dismissal from premises.
  • Theft, fraud, or use of counterfeit or cards in machines will be handled to the fullest extent of the law and result in banishment from premises indefinitely.​

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