Enter the Arena
Experience unparalleled active gameplay action VR without boundaries!

Everyone Can Win!

The Omni Area is a huge world-wide VR game where individuals and teams alike play for cash prizes and bragging rights. Participate in Omni Arena tournaments and win cash or swag prizes!

Fun for both elite gamers and casual players. Click into The Omniverse to register, player Log In, learn how to play, and more!


  • Height: Minimum of 50″  Maximum 6’5″
  • Weight: Maximum of 285 lbs
  • Waist Measurements: Maximum of 44″
  • Total experience is about 20 minutes. Game play is 7-9 minutes.

Disclaimer: Please do not enter the Arena if you are preganant, epileptic, intoxicated, are susceptible to getting motion sickness very easily. or recovering from major surgery, illness or a heat attack. Thanks you.

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